Faux fur scarf are having a major moment and I´m loving it because they are warm, stylish and fancy!!

From the street styles to the runways, this trend has been seen everywhere. Coming in all different styles, faux fur scarf is the must-have that you need to catch.

For me is an essencial winter piece because you can wear in many ways and will be always stylish.

To prove that here you can 7 ways to stylish your faux fur scarf:

1- Put the faux fur scarf over one shoulder then put a belt

It´s no doubt that this is the most stylish way to wear faux fur scarf.

You can wear like this fashion blogger or you can wear with a dress too. Like I did it in this post here.

faux fur scarf

2- Pinned to the side

I loved this way to stylish the faux fur coat too. It´s simple but make all the difference in the outfit.

faux fur scarf

3- With a neck loop

I love to put scarfs in the neck. This option is perfect for those who loves style and be warm in winter.

faux fur scarf

4- Make simple

Sometimes you just need a simple trick to stylish your outfit. Like this one example that this stylish woman did, she swept her scarf to one side.

faux fur scarf

5- Classic way, just put over the neck

This is the practical way and perfect for those days that you are in a hurry but need a cool outfit.

faux fur scarf

6- Wrapping around your arms

This is a warm way to use the faux fur scarf. Love it!!

faux fur scarf

7- Put over one shoulder

Another simple way to wear the scarf but as much stylish as the others way.

faux fur scarf

So, are you ready to get your faux fur scarf?

What´s your favourite way to wear the scarf?

Please, let me know in the comments your opinion about the fishnets!!

I would love to hear about it!