Before I start with the tips on how to wear bomber jacket, let´s talk about the bomber jacket.

According to Wikipedia “A flight jacket or bomber jacket is a casual jacket originally created for military pilots. The style eventually became part of popular culture and apparel.” (You can read more about the flight jacket here)

Nowadays, the pilot jacket comes in a wide variety of colors and styles as you can see on celebrities and fashion bloggers. Besides that, the bomber jacket appears in the top 1 research of Google in 2016 and it seems that will be the most trendy piece for the next years.

Nor can we forget that the sportswear is defintily the must-have of the moment and for sure, wear bomber jacket are the coolest and the easiest way to wear this kind of style. It´s very comfortable and you can match with everything that you have in your wardrobe as you will see in this post.

So, for all that I thought that it might be perfect a post with 5 style tips on how to wear bomber jacket.

Read ahead:

1- Look total black with another coat/shirt tied around the waist

This look is the perfect match of basic and stylish outfits. Here Gigi used a green bomber with black outfit but for sure you can play with many differents combinations of colors.

As you can see in this post here that I post my idea of a cool outfit using bomber jacket and another shirt tied around the waist.

wear bomber jacket

Gigi Hadid with bomber jacket green

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2 – Wear bomber jacket with crop top

The second style tip, for me is the best, because proves that you can play with the sportswear in many ways, even the most different one, like being sexy with a sport piece.

In the pictures below you will see that you can definitly be sexy using a bomber jacket.


Kylie Jenner gorgeous in a crop top with bomber jacket

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wear bomber jacket

Kendall Jenner

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3- Bomber with sneakers and gym outfit

Here is the classic sport outfit that you just need to match your gym outfit with your sporty bomber.

Simple, comfy and casual!


Sporty outfit with bomber jacket

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4- Layer it up

The number 4 could be a hard way to use a bomber jacket but the most stylish.

Using many garments that are worn on top of each other could be difficult to use but you can start trying with a simple hoodie coat under the bomber.

Here I put 2 examples of Gigi, the first one is so stylish and for sure, I will try to use something similar and take some pictures for you guys. The second one is more simple but definitly so stylish.


Layer up

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wear bomber jacket

Gigi with burgundy hoodie

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5- Bomber Jacket with dress

Kylie Jenner is wearing this look with a black midi-dress and a stylish sandals, creating a style I love.

You also can make a casual outfit with the same black dress. You just need to change the shoes and put a white sneackers, for example.

Like I said, I love this style so I did a post with my idea of a cool outfit using bomber jacket and dress that you can see here.


Kylie Jenner

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Hope you have enjoyed the 5 style tips on how to wear bomber jacket.

Please, let me know in the comments below your opinion about this post.


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