Faux fur scarf is the ultimate trend and you just need one of this in your wardrobe.

Ok, maybe more. hahahaha

Faux fur scarf is always a good idea for winter. It´s practical, warm and stylish. Besides that it´s a good idea for people who don´t like the faux fur coat but want to adhere this trend.

In addition, you can find the faux fur scarf in many colours and patterns with a good price in the market.

Let´s see my ootd!!

I was crazy looking for a colorful faux fur scarf and I found it!!

Look how gorgeous is this one!

faux fur scarf

Look n1 – Black blazer with scarf

Here I used the scarf in the classic way and just put over the neck with a black blazer.

faux fur scarf

Look n2 – Stylish way

In this outfit I put the scarf over one shoulder then put a belt.

How is cool is this ootd? I love it!!

faux fur scarf

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What did you think about my ootd?

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