White boots looks so great in many ways as I said in the post “6 stylish ways to wear white boots”.

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Well, I know that we’ll always wear our black boots, but you have to admit that a white pair of shoes could be more cool and make all the difference in your outfit.

I can prove that with this all black outfit. Imagine my ootd below with a black boot. It would be only a regular outfit, but with the white pair this look become more modern. Am I right!?

Of course, I´m not saying that all black outfit is not cool. I think they will be always trendy and fancy but sometimes we can make changes and create looks more stylish and current.

Check it out!

My OOTD wearing White Boots

I love black and white outfit, so I decided to try the white boots with this all black outfit.

white boots

Acessories could be make a big difference in your outfit like this choker and earrings.

Love it!!

white boots

white boots

Sometimes it´s nice to put some color in the classic black and white outfit.

So, why not a pink bag to make the outfit more fun!?

white boots

What did you think about my ootd?

I hope this post has been useful to style your white boots!!

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