For 2017, there are a few top trends of eyewear and there are a few things that need to be pointed out. But today let´s talk about one trend that is calling attention in the streetsyle, the red sunglasses!

We know that a cool pair of sunglasses is a necessary accessory for any woman and they often make the outfit. So, if you`re looking for some cool accessory to style your outfits, for sure you need a pair of red sunglasses.

It´s nice because has options for all tastes and sizes of faces and you can stylish your outfit in your own way.

Check it out the way of celebrities are using them!


A basic black outfit is the perfect match with this kind of sunglasses.

I love the combination gym outfit with sunglasses like Kendall Jenner are wearing or the elegant combination heels boots, denim pants and a cool coat with sunnies like Bella Hadid.

red sunglasses

red sunglasses


Denim Jacket can´t go wrong with a red lenses.

red sunglasses


A pink or nude or bought colour in a outfit with red sunglasses couldn´t be more stylish.

I love pink with red and this outfit of Gigi was a such nice combination. I loved!!

Kim Kardashian knows how to use a nude outfit like no one and her combination with red lenses was perfect like her style.

red sunglasses

How you can see the celebrities in holywood are using all kind of red sunglasses and is an accessory that makes all the difference in a outfit, can be a classic frame or more stylish, but you can´t go wrong with the red lenses.

So, have you chosen your model?!

If you need more inspiration to use red sunglasses you can see more in my Pinterest.