It´s not only today that the sunglasses are the coolest acessory you can have, but lately have a specific colour that every celebrity is wearing, the yellow one.

Just look at your Instagram and you will see at least one celebrity or fashion blogger wearing one pair of yellow sunnies.

Well, I know the yellow colour is pretty enought, but it´s good to take care when choosing the kind of sunnies you are going to wear with this colour.

But don´t worry, because they are so trendy right now have many celebrities wearing them. So, we have a lot of inspiration to add the yellow sunglasses to our wardrobe without feeling ridiculous.

Check it ou!

1- Yellow sunnies with white and yellow outfit


2 – Blue and yellow can be very trendy and cool


3- Sporty outfit with yellow sunglasses for those who love to mixing fashion trends


4- You can wear yellow sunnies with a gorgeous white outfit


5 – Fancy yellow outfit with cool sunnies

6 – Neutral outfit, like the grey colour, with a popup colour

7 – All black outfit

8- I love stripes outfit and with the yellow sunglasses I love even more

So, what did you think about the yellow sunglasses?

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I would love to hear about you guys!!